Expert Cosplay Competition

🌟 Calling All Expert Cosplayers! 🌟

Are you an experienced cosplayer ready to participate in the newest biggest Gaming Event in Denmark? Join the Expert Cosplay Competition at Copenhagen Gaming Week, Sunday, January 14th, and let your skills shine! Here's everything you need to know:

🎮 Max 25 Contestants: We have space for the best of the best, with only 25 spots available. Secure your spot today!

🎟️ Free Entrance: All contestants receive complimentary entrance to our exciting gaming event. Enjoy all the gaming action, panels, and more!

🥇Biggest Prizes: Compete for the grandest prizes in all our cosplay competitions. The top three contestants will receive fabulous rewards. Additionally, impress our judges for a chance to win the coveted "Special Judges' Favorite" award.

🔨 Homemade Costumes Only: This competition is exclusively for homemade costumes. Showcase your craftsmanship, attention to detail, and creativity in every stitch and accessory.

🔍 Pre-Judging for Everyone: Every participant will have a 5-minute pre-judging session with our expert judges. This is your chance to demonstrate the hard work and dedication that went into your creation. Do not worry, they do not bite.

🛋️ Cosplay lounge: All contestants gain access to the cosplay lounge where you can sit down and get something to drink. A changing room and cosplay repair station are also available.

🥳 15+: You must be 15 or older at the time of the competition to participate. Contestants under 18, need parental permission.

📝 Rules: Familiarize yourself with the competition rules by visiting Rules & Regulations.

📝 Sign Up: Ready to claim your spot among the experts? Sign up for the Expert Cosplay Competition here.