Rules & Regulations


- It is permitted to enter the competition with a costume that has been used in a previous competition. However, it is not permitted to use the costume if a larger prize has been won with the costume (qualifications for an international competition, as well as prizes with value of over DKK 1000).

- All props must comply with Danish weapon legislation.

- Contestants must be over the age of 15 years old at the time of the competition.

- All participants must consider that there will be children in the audience, so the cosplay must be appropriate for children.

– You must be able to move around in the costume yourself without assistance (for safety reasons).

- By registering, you give permission for Copenhagen Gaming Week's photographers to take pictures/video, which may be shared on all Copenhagen Gaming Week's promo material.

- You are required to keep check of the registered email, in order to get the latest updates and information.

- The organizers preserve the rights to move the contestants from expert to novice, or the opposite, if they deem the participant overqualified or underqualified.

- If you wish to withdraw from the competitions, you MUST notify


- Costumes may be purchased for the novice competition, but this must be noted during registration.

- With homemade costumes, only minor parts such as a wig, shoes or a pair of earrings can be purchased.

- You may have had help with the costume from another person, but this must also be mentioned during registration or for pre-judging.

- If the costume is homemade, during the day of participation you must appear at a panel of judges (so-called pre-judging) to tell a little about your costume. In there you have 5 minutes to talk about the costume.

- Cosplay costumes must basically be official designs from anime, Manga, feature films, TV series, video games, web series, comics and/or cartoons. If you are unsure of whether something is cosplay, or if you would like to participate in a costume inspired by Fanart, write an email to

- The costume will be compared to the reference image. The judges will not take the contestant's physical appearance into account.

- Offensive make-up and costumes are not allowed in any form.

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants from the competition or withdraw a prize if there is a breach of any of the rules, or if in any other way any form of cheating appears that makes the competition unfair.