Get ready for an electrifying experience as Copenhagen Gaming Week joins forces with official tournament partner BLAST to set the stage for a new, international Counter-Strike 2 tournament. The tournament takes place in the brand new Bella Arena, where qualified local and regional teams have the opportunity to compete for a chance to face the two invited top teams on the main stage. Experience the adrenaline rush as the teams challenge each other in pursuit of the prestigious title starting from Saturday morning and witness the crowning of our very first champion in the spectacular 'Grand Final' on Sunday.

Astralis & NIP

Experience two of the world's best Counter-Strike teams, including Danish Astralis and Swedish NIP, as they take the stage during Copenhagen Gaming Week's Counter Strike 2 tournament, held in collaboration with BLAST.

Our tournament provides qualified teams from Northern Europe with the opportunity to compete against the biggest stars at Bella Arena. Who knows? Perhaps they will make it all the way to the final, or you can look forward to a Nordic showdown with an intense face-off between Astralis and NIP on Sunday, January 14.


  • Friday, January 12th: Showmatch CS2
  • Saturday, January 13th: Semi Finals CS2
  • Saturday, January 13th: Decider CS2
  • Sunday, January 14th: Grand Final CS2


BLAST, a leading name in esports entertainment, is set to elevate the first-ever Copenhagen Gaming Week festival as the official tournament partner for our ESPORTS ARENA.

Renowned for organizing top-tier esports tournaments, BLAST brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a curated selection of world-class teams and up-and-coming challengers sourced through the upcoming online qualifiers, our Counter-Strike 2 tournament promises fierce action and intense competition.

BLAST is gearing up to deliver an unmatched experience for both fans and teams, overseeing on-site execution of the tournament, including everything from stage construction to managing the broadcast on the streams. This partnership underscores BLAST's and Copenhagen Gaming Week’s commitment to bolstering the local esports scene in Denmark while providing fans with next-level entertainment.

Full tournament plans and invited teams are yet to be announced. Stay tuned!

Meet Pimp

Pimp, also known as Jacob Winneche, is a former professional CS:GO player and current esports commentator on TV2, as well as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He will also be joining Copenhagen Gaming Week on Saturday and Sunday. He has undergone an inspiring journey towards mental and physical health, which forms the foundation of his ambassadorship for the esports world at Copenhagen Gaming Week.

Pimp will be delivering exciting talks about his evolution as a professional player, the transition into the commentator role, the importance of integrating health into gaming, and his thoughts on CS:GO.

When Pimp is not on stage, you can meet him in the ESPORTS ARENA area, where he will be giving autographs and be available for fans.

More partners and activities will be announced soon!