Gaming is a great way to learn, engage and make new friends. In our NEW GENERATION world, the young and future gamers will have a chance to experience this wonderful world in a meaningful and healthy environment focused on education, physical movement, and balance. Here the borders between gaming, play, movement, feelings, and learning are all interchanged, fueled by beloved character universes and brand-new titles. The name of the game is fun.

LEGO Festival of Play

We are excited to announce that the LEGO® Festival of Play will be participating at Copenhagen Gaming Week with no less than 300 m2 of play space in our New Generation universe, offering an exclusive preview of what to experience at the LEGO Festival of Play, which takes place in February at Bella Arena. At Copenhagen Gaming Week, playful souls - young and old - can let their imaginations run wild in a sea (literally) of LEGO bricks, playscapes and creative stations that bring emotions, imagination and creativity into play. Look forward to experiencing your favorite characters built in the LEGO and Minecraft® universe where you can help build a giant mosaic with over 120,000 bricks.

Meet Judex

Judex, also known as David Jæger, is one of Denmark's most renowned creators with a large YouTube following. He will be at Copenhagen Gaming Week on both Saturday and Sunday. Judex is known for sharing gaming content from various games, especially Minecraft, on his channel. In addition to gaming, he entertains with vlogs, sketches, challenges, and pranks on his other channel, David Jæger.

In one of the main auditoriums, Judex will hold court with a YouTube masterclass, where he will share his coolest tricks, hacks, and tips. He will also talk about his personal journey as a YouTuber and provide insights into his experiences.

When Judex is not on stage, he will be present in the NEW GENERATION area, where fans can meet him, get autographs, and hang out.

More partners and activities will be announced soon!