Step into the dynamic world of URBAN & SPORT, where virtual gaming giants meet physical sports, fashion, music, streaming, and pop culture. Join your friends in exploring the latest tech trends, challenge new and old teammates on indoor street courts, and meet the content creators you admire from your feed. Whether in real life or online, this is the place to make sure you are decked out in the latest skins and embrace the synergy of diverse interests coming together.

Meet Dingo

The former professional FIFA player, Dingo, also known as Daniel Klink Nørremark, will be present both Saturday and Sunday during Copenhagen Gaming Week. He is known for his energetic approach to gaming and entertainment and has a passion for sports and lifestyle.

Look forward to Dingo’s spectacular interactive soundbox battle, where you have the opportunity to participate and compete against your idol. The audience determines the winner, and there are incredible prizes at stake.

When Dingo is not on stage, you can find him in the URBAN & SPORT area, where you can get autographs, participate in challenges, and much more.

Online Police Patrol

The Online Police Patrol cruises into the world of gaming and teaches you about online safety - something that is important for both hardcore gamers, but also parents of children who are gamers. Dare you challenge authority? You have the chance to face off police officers at the gaming stations in URBAN & SPORT and listen in on their range of interesting talks. 

GAME Activities

The international NGO, GAME, will be visiting Copenhagen Gaming Week for all three days, bringing a plethora of entertainment, workshops, and activities. You can look forward to:

Panna football involves quick feet, plenty of tricks, and heaps of goals. But do not worry, GAME’s skilled instructors are experts at getting everyone involved.

Teqball is a ball sport played on a curved table, combining elements of sepak takraw and table tennis. Players hit a soccer ball back and forth using any part of their body except their arms and hands.

Street basketball is similar to regular basketball in the gym. The difference is that you can easily play to just one hoop, and you can also play 1v1, 2v2, and so on. Here, you can learn the basic techniques.

Foot tennis is played on a court divided by a low net. There are two teams, each with one, two, or three players. The teams try to score a point by hitting the ball with any part of their body except their arms. The goal is to get the ball onto the opponent's half of the court in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to return it back over the net.

Table football and Subsoccer will be available throughout the entire event for anyone interested.

More partners and activities will be announced soon!