12 - 14 January 2024

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Copenhagen Gaming Week is the new and epic international festival uniting all aspects of gaming and esports in the Danish capital: Your chance to level up on futuristic tech, current trends, and retro classics while connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion.

Immerse yourself in worlds where international esports tournaments electrify thousands of spectators, and passionate superfans assemble from the realms of Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, cosplay, and many, many more. Copenhagen Gaming Week celebrates it all!

12 - 14 January 2024 in Bella Arena & Bella Center Copenhagen


Prepare for an electrifying journey as some of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams collide in a showdown of epic proportion. We will combine the absolute elite of the CS2 teams with a series of global challengers trying to prove that they belong on the biggest of stages. This grand showdown takes place during the entirety of Copenhagen Gaming Week, pitting the best against the best in an adrenaline-fueled spectacle at Bella Arena, transforming into an incredible ESPORTS ARENA for the occasion. Experience the intensity as international top-tier teams clash for the prestigious title and witness the crowning of our first ever champion in the Grand Final on Sunday.


Step into the dynamic world of URBAN & SPORT, where virtual gaming giants meet physical sports, fashion, music, streaming, and pop culture. Join your friends in exploring the latest tech trends, challenge new and old teammates on indoor street courts, and meet the content creators you admire from your feed. Whether in real life or online, this is the place to make sure you're decked out in the latest skins and embrace the synergy of diverse interests coming together.


Gaming isn't just a hobby; it's a deeply rooted and passionate community that spans generations. On the first floor SUPERFANS world, you can immerse yourself in the world of what really makes your heartbeat faster together with everyone who shares your love. Trade cards, engage in epic battles, don iconic character costumes, and connect with your online pals in dedicated community spaces provided by Copenhagen Gaming Week. Age knows no bounds when it comes to being a devoted superfan – here, everyone from age 1 to 100 is welcome to nerd out together.


Gaming is a great way to learn, engage and make new friends. In our NEW GENERATION world, the young and future gamers will have a chance to experience this wonderful world in a meaningful and healthy environment focused on education, physical movement, and balance. Here the borders between gaming, play, movement, feelings, and learning are all interchanged, fueled by beloved character universes and brand-new titles. The name of the game is fun.

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