Welcome weary traveler, to the world of Copenhagen Gaming Week.

Glad you could make it. Sit down, have a rest, and listen to the tales about the new international festival that sits in the heart of the Danish capital.


Copenhagen Gaming Week is here to unite all aspects of gaming and its culture, by creating an environment where the culture and communities can flourish and enjoy a realm tailored for gamers and everyone interested.
Come and explore our different worlds where you can embrace yourself in everything from old classics to new trends across several aspects.
It's the place where you introduce your peers to the amazing world of gaming and unleash your inner nerd amongst fellow folks (and yes: here, nerd is one of the greatest achievements you can have).


Immerse yourself in the latest tech and gear, enjoy lots of different games online and IRL, experience the different cultures and communities and so much more, whilst connecting and sharing the experience with like-minded.
Copenhagen Gaming Week extends beyond entertainment, permeating into fashion, sports, lifestyle, and even our daily lives.



And as we sit here reminiscing about the very first edition of the festival, we also work tirelessly towards further developing and improving the next version of Copenhagen Gaming Week. And we can't wait to share the news and prepare you for next year's adventures.
Follow the journey on our social media channels and get a glimpse of what we are working on and what's to come in 2025.


So stay tuned and brace yourself for an exciting experience at Copenhagen Gaming Week 2025!



Copenhagen Gaming Week first opened its doors in January 2024.
First initiated in 2019, the project has been a long time coming.
The festival is founded by Bellagroup in close collaboration with Blackbox Media and with important stakeholders such as Copenhagen Municipality, The Region of Greater Copenhagen and Wonderful Copenhagen.