2024 Competition Winners

Thank you so much to all the participants, the audience and volunteers to our cosplay competitions at Copenhagen Gaming Week 2024!

We are so excited to see all of your amazing cosplays at Copenhagen Gaming Week 2025!

Winners of The Expert Cosplay Competition 2024

1st place: Daria General as Shao Jun
2nd place: Mr.Firedragon as Geralt of Rivia
3rd place: Kuroru Cosplay as Illumi Zoldyck

Judges’ Special Award: Josefine’s Fine Cosplay as Moondrop

Winners of The Novice Cosplay Competition 2024

1st place: MapleDane Cosplay as Aloy
2nd place: GGamercat as Guardian Solar Hunter
3rd place: GhostInTheGarden as Catra

Judges’ Special Award: Cosmikk as Gaara